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INNTURE has invested itself into the INNOVATION space as a thought leader that provides both government and private sector services around ideation, commercialisation, joint ventures and community involvement.
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At INNTURE we understand the unique approach that is needed to meet the challenge of innovation.  Being innovative requires a unique style in both thinking and doing; for most people and organisations this is a seismic shift from where they are now. Being open and excited about learning through failure for example, requires a complete change of mind….

We think it’s important to illustrate what we know about innovation by sharing what we have learnt through our recent engagements, so here are some insights:

  • The definition of Innovation is commonly misunderstood. It’s about more than just creating new products; it covers everything from new profit models to core processes and sales channels.

  • The perspective of innovation is very different between individuals and organisations and most need external support to get started and maintain momentum.

  • Funding and commercialisation is key to enabling innovation but is often overlooked.

  • Innovation is very difficult in isolation if the required capabilities and resources are new or difficult to build, joint ventures provide a rapid way to collaborate and build capability.

  • Products are generally easier to innovate than services, however the ingredients to successful innovation are common.

  • INNTURE has an extensive network of cross industry clients. We utilise and leverage this network to bring different insights and a richer outcome to the Innovation Concepts we design.

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