In the 21st century our ability to store and analyse data has increased exponentially, while the costs of the technology have declined.  But there is now so much data collected and stored that it is increasingly difficult to find the signal in the noise. Less than 40% of knowledge workers have the skills to exploit data, and this situation manifests itself as an insight deficit.

Information management is being recognised as a major contributor to business growth. But the growing insight deficit means that efforts to improve Information management expose issues in data, business process and culture, and may actually lead to worse decision making. The benefits of overcoming the insight deficit are significant. Core Information governance activities such as data governance and business stewardship of data, are important drivers of Information Insight 

INNTURE’ empowers your organisation by using proven approaches to enterprise Information management, coupled with highly experienced analytics and data specialists. Our pedigree in information and data management will help your organisation increase its Information Insight.

  • Services

    • Information advisory
    • Information management strategy and roadmap
    • Requirements definition
    • Information governance
    • Information processes
    • Information architecture
    • Information maturity assessment
    • Information baseline and discovery
    • Analytics tools enablement
    • Analytics operations as a service
    • Analytics discovery and exploration
    • Analytics Center of Excellence (COE)
    • Big data
    • Advanced analytics
    • Predictive analytics
    • Cloud data and cloud analytics
    • Mobile analytics
    • Internet of things (IoT) data
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